Hello Twitter! (4)

Hello twitter! :)
IMAGINE!.. Harry and Louis!
You meet Harry at a club and you think he was very sexy so you walk to him and ask for number and twitter.
''Hello! can i have your number and twitter?'' you says, and flirt whit him, ''Yeah sure..?'' he says a bit slowly and then he's girlfriend come next to him and kiss him on his lips, you just stand there and looking and then you run away and start crying, you think it was so embarrassing, Then you see a nice boy walk to you and say ''Hello, what is it? tell me..i want to help you, are you crying?'' you can't see who it is so you said ''hi, yes i'm crying and who are you and why are you here?..'' and then you stop crying a little bit. ''oh sorry, i saw you run away and i want to help you, and my name is Louis'' you sit there and thinking and then you know! it was Louis, Louis Tomlinson! you went to school with him before when you were 5 or 7 years, '' Louis? is it you?'' you said.
''Y/N is it you? we went to school when we was like 5 or 7 years! omg is it you really?'' He said!.
''Yes it's me! i am so happy to see you!'' you said and jump into he's arms.
but you was just friend whit him, ''so why are you crying?..'' he said.
''i saw a really sexy guy name Harry Styles and i asked for number and twitter then he's girlfriend start kissing him and i was trying to flirt whit him and then she just came!'' you said slowly.
''Harry Styles? i know him..He is in our band! you did not know that?..'' louis said whit a weird voice.
''no! i did not know!..'' you said.
Louis hug you and said that he was going to fix this for you.
you was very happy that you have found Louis again.
Louis walked to Harry and said that they have to talk and Harry followed Louis into a room so they were alone and then you walked after and stand outside the door and listening, ''Harry i know a really good girl for you! so you can broke up whit your girlfriend..no okey i mean that girl, that girl who came to you and wants your phone number is my friend and she think that you were really sexy and she trying to flirt whit you but then your girlfriend came up and start kissing you!..'' Louis said and took a real breath, ''What? i just think she was like a interviewer..'' Harry said whit a weird voice. You heard that they was coming out so you just walked away and sat down in a chair and Louis and Harry came out and your face was so red.
''Mabye he did not see your beautiful face?'' louis said to you.
Harry walked away and he saw he's girlfriend so he start kissing her and you start crying again.
''i know! you need a make up! :D '' Louis said and smiled!.
''Yeah, mabye! LET'S GO BOOBEAR!'' you said .
So you and Louis drive to a make up store and then you said that you need a make up, ''yeah all you need to do is sit here in the chair and wait a second!'' said the make-up girl.
You waited and then the Make-up girl came and start whit your make up!.
Louis was so excited.
Then you was done and your hair and face was so pretty!
''Yes yes! hell yeah! know all you need is harry! let's go!'' Louis said.
You was at the club and Louis was also there and he said to Harry that '' look at that girl! what a beautiful!'' Harry came to you and he was like '' woooooow..'' , ''you are so so so pretty!'' Said Harry and smiled!.
''hehe.. thanks! :)'' you said.
Harry walked to he's girlfriend and said that he loved you, '' I HATE YOU! I HAVE ALWAYS DO!.. ALWAYS!'' she was screamed.
''you don't have to broke up whit her!, i am the girl who want your number and twitter!..'' you said.
''but.. i love you! i know that you love me to! and as long as you love me , i want to be your boyfriend!'' Harry Said.
You start crying and Harry wipes away the tears and then he kiss you a long time! :)
Not the best imagine but .. yeah! :D
like it? :)
/Sandra styles directioner! :)


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